Each quarter we typically have a few undergraduate Research Assistant positions open. Because these positions are filled quickly, it is important that you apply early, preferably before classes begin.

Undergraduate students have worked in our lab in a variety of capacities, including Psych 99, 196A, 196B, P199, PROPS, URSP, departmental honors, and as volunteers. Students in the departmental honor’s program have typically worked in the lab in some capacity for at least two quarters prior to applying for the honor’s program.

Your responsibilities as a Research Assistant will be geared toward your abilities and interests, as well as the requirements of the project you are working on, and may include: learning new research skills, working with parents and children, designing and making research stimuli, helping to recruit research participants, running experiments, coding videotapes, and analyzing data. Students will also be expected to participate in weekly meetings. Previous experience with children, computers, and/or audio-visual equipment is a plus.

We ask for a minimum 7 hr/week commitment for 3 quarters to allow you and the lab group to benefit from your training and skills. Students with a GPA < 3.0 will only be admitted in exceptional circumstances.

Drop off:
1. This application
2. A copy of your (informal) transcript

at our lab:
Department of Psychology
2329 Psychology Building
Los Angeles, CA, 90095